A wise man once said “Life is a dance of time and Energy. Keeping the two in good rhythm is the beauty of life.” I was so captivated by those words that the resounding truth of that message escaped me. It was only after a great deal of abor of thought and contemplation while searching for a deeper truth that I finally began to understand its true meaning:

Like life itself, anything, or anyone we decide to focus our attention towards will also require both time and energy.


We define ourselves by the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the career paths or jobs we do. Every single one of these items on our list of life as we dance the balancing act of juggling as much as possible requires a little of our limited time and energy. Have you ever taken the time to pause for a moment and ask yourself what you are doing all of those things for? Are we breaking our backs in that sweaty turmoil in the pursuit of money simply to buy the car that we want to drive and to live in the house that we currently are in? Or perhaps there is a higher purpose or an ultimate end-goal that we are all in this rat race in order to achieve. Are we doing the things we do in order to reach a destination that is feasible, or is it simply our primordial nature and survival instinct that drives us to want to be richer than our neighbors and be seen with respect amongst our friends?

The fact is the actual goal in relation to our pursuit of money is not simply the actual collection of a substantial sum of money, but rather what that money symbolizes or the comforts that we can afford with that money. So once we figure out the real reason for our turmoil and hard work is to finally have the freedom that comes with having money, or financial freedom. Therefore, we must use caution and learn how to treat money as an object, or merely a tool to help us accomplish our goals, rather than the objective or the end-goal itself. It may sound like an easy concept once its broken down, but many in practice still fail to be able to see that crucial difference.

What does money have anything to do with our initial topic of discussion? Simple: Financial Focus, like Focus of any kind will require both your time and energy. With time and energy being two of the most precious commodities and both being limited in the amount, we must carefully choose what items we wish to divide our limited supply.

So, where and how we invest this time and energy becomes more and more critical as we take on more responsibilities in our life from adulthood to having a family, career, caring for aging parents. Amidst all this is the basic instinct to fulfill survival needs where in comes the need for money, and almost every person spends significant amount of their awake time pursuing Money. But, in fact what we truly are pursuing is the freedom that comes with having money.


Many wonder if that dream of achieving financial freedom is actually even possible or whether it’s just a myth like the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny. Ask yourself what you would be doing with your time and energy if there were no concept of money, or envision your life if the constraint of financial ability were no longer a consideration? Do you see yourself walking into work and quitting in the most noticeable of ways? Would you rather be off traveling with your family and friends pursuing other activities you value the most? Or are you part of the select group of people who love what they do and cant envision doing anything different irrespective of money? If you do not consider yourself a member of the second category, then ask yourself what is stopping you from doing whatever it is you would rather be doing were money not a factor in the equation. It made sense millennia ago for person being unable to go and do whatever he or she wished to do instead but were forced to do chores they did not wish to because they were indentured servants, or slaves who were owned by someone else. However, to continue doing mundane tasks that are of no interest when you would rather be doing something else that you love is a complete waste of both time and energy. Perhaps survival instinct and our genetic composition has prescribed that we should exchange a portion of our time and energy in exchange for the money we require to pay the bills. The main problem with this kind of lifestyle however, is that somehow the amount of time that we would need to give up is substantial in comparison to the amount of time we would like to spend on the multitude of other items on our lists on a daily basis, Could this financial indentureship be the modern-day version of slavery? Similarly, those materialistic items which we have worked so hard to now possess shackle you with the burden of maintaining and securing those possessions?

So, we get to our goal to achieve financial freedom and the different ways in which we can help make this dream into a reality. Financial freedom is not only possible, but there are many ways to obtain it. Your personal journey will depend on the requisite amount of financial security versus the risk of loss.

The key criteria which you need to clearly define are your personal financial goals and the timeframe in which to achieve them, a prioritized list of items you consider important enough to invest time and energy on, and the amount of risk you are willing to stake to produce high yields while ensuring financial security. Real estate investment can be a great tool on this path. Commercial Real estate investments typically have returns in the high teens and can compound money at a phenomenal pace. The effort required from your end would be to select or find a good sponsor and sit back, enjoy the returns

Although the returns are great, this type of investment may not be ideal if you want access to money anytime. Since in this type of investment money gets locked away for about 5 years or as per the business plan. These are things to discuss and understand before investing. So, if you are ready with your financial goals and would like to consider adding Real estate to your portfolio -we can’t wait to hear from you.

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