Hey, Welcome to the very first Blog Post.  

In this post I want to share a little bit about myself to give you a better idea about who I am. 

I am a computer engineer – came to the USA in 2008 to get my Maters in Electrical and computer engineering, this was the time when I learned not just the technical stuff in grad school but about life – being independent , paying bills. 

I guess some of you all listening can relate to this the first time out of the house and country and you are becoming super responsible, working a part time job, hustling through course work and managing everything without family around -definitely a huge learning curve on being independent 

After grad school, I landed my first job opportunity in Austin and stayed back in The silicon hills area which is what it’s called because of all the tech companies. The bay area is referred by silicon valley and Austin are here is called Silicon hills .  

After grad school – Switching from a part time job in grad school to a full time cushy job felt great !!! My job helped me  – pay off student loans, get my first car, my first new home – omg what a wonderful feeling , couldn’t have been possible without having a job. 

Over the years, I must admit I definitely loved the pay raises  and started raising my standard of living- more spending, more travelling until it struck me that I am now more dependent on my job than ever -that idea  doesn’t sit well with me.  

For instance, just as an example – as a student when I first came -I  needed less than a 1000$ a month to get buy and had minimum necessities but now with a house mortgage ,car, subscriptions, etc — my bills are so much more which make me more dependent on my job than ever.  

So, I just feel like I have golden handcuffs .Now you might be wondering- golden handcuff?  why and what does that mean 

Handcuffs typically signify bondage which to me is the dependency of someone on a job to earn their living, and I have come to think of  my job as golden handcuffs because my job owns my time .It sure pays me well but my whole life revolves around it – starting from when I wake up to plan my vacations, spend time with family, – you name it, everything revolves round the job 

Time is the most precious commodity, time is life!!! being a math nerd – when I looked at how my time was used – this is what I figured- out of 24 hrs – if I spend 8 hrs (optimal scenario) -12 hrs that translates roughly to 33 to 50% of my time ,in other words my life Since time is life 

It almost feels like I worked hard my whole life for good grades in schools and ended up here only to be trade off time for a paycheck. I like my job and enjoy working but I don’t like the dependency on it, I don’t want to wait till 65 to retire and then own my time. 

I definitely want more control over my time and I want it sooner than later – the answer to this was financial freedom. 

Financial freedom is when one doesn’t have to trade time to make a living or when one has enough passive income to meet their living expenses. 

So financial freedom through passive income was my answer.  

This prompted me to start looking at other ways I can replace my income – I dabbled with stocks first- took a course on day trading, swing trading- and looking at patterns – the volatility of the markets stressed me out and this didn’t seem like a good way for me to make income, it still needed my time and active focus. 

I always had a passion for real estate, loved looking at flips, new homes, design and investing. I started reading and educating myself more about real estate and whenever I had free time would endlessly browse for investment properties like an addiction- soon I invested in Single family homes, got my realtor license and wanted to diversify more and that’s when I came across commercial real estate investing. I realized with single family you can only scale so much but with commercial real estate – there is more scope to scale rapidly. I soon started learning everything about commercial real estate and then decided to start this podcast as a means to share my own journey of learning and investing in commercial real estate with others that want to learn , invest and achieve financial freedom through passive income and Be their own boss . 

The ability to work because you WANT to work and not because you have to work is so powerful. When you have to work – it’s a need a survival mechanism to make money for living but when you WANT TO work -it’s no more about survival, the money part is out of the equation – you are bringing in true passion to the work at hand. 

So, I want to create a situation in the next few years where I don’t have to work for survival or money but instead want to work on my passion of empowering others and be my own boss, so I decided to share this journey with anyone that is interested. 

With that said , I would like to end with this quote. 

 I find that quote so powerful – real wealth is not in the materialistic stuff we have but in truly having freedom to live the way we want.