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The show that aims  to inspire you to achieve financial freedom  and be your own boss. I’m your host Manasa Chepuri and our guest for  today’s episode is 

our guest for  today’s episode is Savannah Arroyo 

 Savannah “The Net worth Nurse” is a full-time Registered Nurse in Los Angeles, California. She uses  

her skills as a leader in healthcare operations to manage multifamily syndications. 

 She also helps busy medical professionals create passive income through real estate investing. 

 Savannah uses mindset tools and goal setting to elevate herself within the healthcare system, 

 as well as create a real estate business. 

  1. Could you share with us when did you start your real estate journey.  
    • What attracted you to Real estate? Who was your inspiration or motivation to start investing in Real estate 
    • When did you first start, career prior to real estate? 
  2. What role do you play in syndications 
    1. Which markets are you active in 
  1. How did you find your team 
  1. Success is glorified and failure is shunned upon. But, key learnings come from failures rather than success. 

 Biggest learning in real estate so far 

  • On that topic can you share about any experience you have had with things that can go wrong during closing 
  1. What are your strategies for being productive and using your time most efficiently?   
  2. Do you have any quotes you live by or think of often?   
  3. What does financial freedom and being you own boss mean to you? 


  • Thank you so much for being our guest and we appreciate you sharing your experience.  Are there any other items you would like to share on this show. 
  • Where and how can our listeners find you? 
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