Welcome to The Real path to BYOB!! 

The show that aims  to inspire you to achieve financial freedom  and be your own boss. I’m your host Manasa Chepuri and our guest for  today’s episode is 

our guest for  today’s episode is Yosef Lee 

 Yosef Lee is a Full time W2 Lawyer in NYC. Father of 2 girls who Did not know anything about  investing in Real estate 

 His recent and first investment is 44 Unit  apartment complex before which he did not own  a single family, or has never done any flipping 

Welcome to the show Yosef, good to have you here. Do you want to share anything else about yourself with my listeners 

  1. How did you go from no real estate investment to 44 units .  
    • What attracted you to Real estate? Who was your inspiration or motivation to start investing in Real estate 
    • When did you first start, career prior to real estate? 
    • How did you find the deal 
  2. Can you walk us through the numbers The business plan Purchase price, entry and exit cap Loan details    
  3. What role do you play in syndications 
    1. Which markets are you active in 
  1. How did you find your team 
  1. How is the property performing now    
  2. What are your strategies for being productive and using your time most efficiently?   
  3. Lets talk about mindset, what mindset has helped you close on your first deal ? 
    1. We all have limiting beliefs, about starting small , going slow.. Not investing out of state  -what are your thoughts on that  
  4. What does financial freedom and being you own boss mean to you? 


  • Thank you so much for being our guest and we appreciate you sharing your experience.  Are there any other items you would like to share on this show. 
  • Where and how can our listeners find you? 
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