Ryan Gibson is the CIO and cofounder of Spartan investment group  

Ryan’s company owns and operates self-storage facilities throughout the United States , where Ryan is responsible for investor relations and raises capital from investors for projects 

Today Spartan has raised 25million in private equity and has over 4000 units in self-storage under management 

He also has a career in aviation and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Masters in Marketing, management and advertising 


Key Point Summary 

  • In this episode, Ryan and Manasa talk about Self storage as an asset class and deep dive into the details about investing in self-storage  
  • Ryan and his team found storage was an asset class that was truly recession-resistant and could stand the test of time. They didn’t want to outsource anything, they wanted to have control of the entire pipeline of everything. To be able to find it, find it, finish it, operate it all the way through and self-storage was the asset class that fit that requirement 
  • Crime stats don’t have any influence on this asset class and the returns are very similar to multifamily 
  • Before investing in a deal make sure the operator performed a demand study and that the business plan can be executed based on that demand and competitors study 
  • He emphasizes the importance of having a great team  to succeed 
  • Financial freedom, to him, means being able to lose everything you have, right now, but being able to build it all back, because you possess the skills and the knowledge to do it again. So, the real freedom is in knowing you possess the skill, experience to build it all back 
  • Although it’s kind of cliche to say the best investment you can make is in yourself, it is indeed true.